Basic details, yet fundamental to know.

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1. Objects and Arrays referencing.

You know that when declaring a variable with const we cannot modify it.

However, with arrays/objects it is not the same:

We did modify the array and it didn’t return error. What’s behind this?
This has to do with variable assignments. When we assign a variable to a primitive type, there is a direct assignment. When we assign to a collection (array, object, etc..) the variable is assigned first to the container. …

A detailed guide on writing asynchronous code with callbacks, promises, async await, plus more

Some code.
Some code.

Many Promises’ documentations lack some important details. In this post there will be the attempt of covering these details and making the logic flawless. Do not memorize the single applications. Learn the logic behind the scenes. You’ll be able to fully grasp the concepts of Promises after this.

Do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of contents. It took me a long time to understand thoroughly all of this. Take your time and digest it bit by bit.

So let’s get started.

A Problem

suppose we have two numbers x and y and we want to compute the sum after three seconds…

I don’t like making long introductions. If you do not know what virtual environments are and their utility, I put at the very end a short intro about them.

Let’s remind some basic commands: with “pip list” you can list all the python packages installed through pip. In the same way “conda list” lists all the python packages installed through conda. ( A good article about pip, conda and differences: link .)

Creating a Virtual Environment with pip or conda is almost the same. Let’s see both of them. (I suggest using conda which gives us more flexibility).

All the…

Are my 10 euros equal to your 10 euros?

Photo by Josh Appel (unsplash)

I was moving out from Sweden, so I began selling my stuff, among which a set of weights. I set the price at 15 $.

After posting my announce on facebook, a man immediately messaged me and told me that within an hour he would have arrived at my place. This was a big deal for him and he didn’t want to miss it.

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